Thursday, February 3, 2011

Year 2 - Day 34


Silly name for a cat, but he sat in a cage all day before he could be brought home to his mommy, so it kind of stuck.  He's totally an outdoor cat, but he doesn't like the cold, so he's been inside for like 4 days straight.  I feel sorrier for him, than I do for the kids.

Also, straight out of the camera and I'm not venturing out in these temps - I already fell on the ice yesterday, so its inside pics until the ice melts.


Breanna said...

Nice shot for right out of the camera! I love those types of pictures!

I'm sure it's warmer in the cat!

mindymilburn said...

My goodness I hope you are ok after the fall :( That is so dangerous. And I don't blame you for not going out, I wouldn't either.

Love the shot though, beautiful animal and love the look of content on his face :)