Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 39: Remembrance

Do you recognize this spot? Maybe, maybe not. This was taken from the top of Dealey Plaza looking down. The underpass on the right would be where the limo went after Kennedy was shot. I've lived in Dallas for 17 years, and today was the first time I actually went there. It was a dreary grey day, misting. I snapped pictures from all angles, this was the one with the least amount of traffic - for some reason this moved me more than the traditional shot. Although it's not 11/22 - I think this year there was less of a tribute than usual, so here is mine. For some reason, today was just a B&W kind of day.

Manual: Page 30, Formatting Memory Cards

Images: I have the last half of a Sally Mann special I recorded off Ovation TV. WOW, talk about inspiration.

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