Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 318: Testing, 1, 2

My mother brought me a box from her closet for my birthday.  I'm sure you are all jumping for joy - I mean who doesn't want a box of stuff that has been sitting in the closet at the folks house for 25 years.  Let me tell you what was in that box:

  • Nikon 50mm 1.8f lens with a sky 1a filter on it.
  • Tamron Adaptall 2 80/210mm F3.8-4 Tele Macro lens with a leather case
  • Soligor Close-up lens kit +1, +2 & +3 with a pretty leather case
  • 80A Blue Filter which Converts daylight film for use with a 3200K lamps (since I'm not using film this I think will be a cooling filter)
  • There is some flashes including a slave flash, but I haven't gotten there yet.
All of this was for film camera, but it makes it all the more fun to stick it on a DSLR.  This was what I ended up with after 5 minutes with the 50mm & the +2 filter.  

More testing to come, don't judge me on my first attempts.


Ingrid said...

Nice Shot. Happy Birthday.

Mindy said...

I LOVE this, so fun and so much personality. Great portraits!

greygirl25 said...

Awesome portrait, I love this.

Happy birthday.

Judy said...

If this is what you ended up with, I may have to take the box with the goodies back home. You know I hate it when you make my boys look silly.

Katherine said...

How on earth did you 'stick' the equipment on your DSLR? Tuck tape? I have a treasured nikon FM (SLR) with all the whistles, and a new canon DSLR. Would love to meld the two.