Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 80: Its too cold to swim

While I know that we are not the only ones in America having an unusually cold cold spell, it does make for some different pictures than we are used to.  These were shot along White Rock Lake in Dallas.  And even though the sun is outside, its still colder than you-know-what.  While the ice along the west and north shores were amazing, this shot was my favorite.  I put a few others up for your enjoyment.

Manual:  Page 59 & 60 Manual Focus

Images & Inspirations:  Today it was Mother Nature.


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Breanna said...

Great pictures!! I thought at first the ice were really big feathers..I need to go to bed..hahaha! Keep up the great photos and stay warm!

Yolanda said...

beautiful colors especially in their little green heads. They are wonderful resilient creatures, and don't seem to mind the ice!