Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 84: Meh..

Today's photos didn't turn out.  Part of it was weather - it is grey and dingy and then 20 pictures into my session - RAIN.  Not only did I make the mistake of leaving my waterproof camera case in the car, I was several blocks from my car when it hit.  Now before you start praying for my camera, I did have a jacket on that protected the camera nicely, but by the time I got back to my car you needed to pray for my hair.  I took this with my Gorillapod and got some movement with the water that I don't think is as evident in the processing as it is in color, but I just like the feel of this better than the color.  My Gorillapod was the best present I got this Christmas.  Its is FUN FUN FUN!  Thanks Mom & Dad!

This was an surprise in processing and a Lightroom preset that the kids went ape for when I hit the button.  So's done.

Manual: Page 64; Release Modes

Images:  The Genius of Photography - Recorded from Ovation light night.  I will be watching that after the kids go to bed.


Yolanda said...

Selenium Tone preset I presume? :) Looks very nice here on this shot - gives it a very cold feel with the blue tones and the running water. Lots of natural elements in the photo, all packaged into a monochromatic presentation!

natty. said...

I was gonna guess Selenium tone too! I have an unnatural fascination with Lightroom presets.