Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 81: Layers

Today was the last of the ice. We woke up in the 20's but we finished out in the 50's.  I am pleased that we will see a few days of mild sunny weather.  The freezing stuff I can do without.  I loved the top picture.  It was of the corner of a koi pond in the Dallas Arboretum.  Heavy on the outside and lighter as it got the middle.  Lots of texture - the leaves didn't hurt either.  The bird was perfectly happy for me to shoot him all day long and the plant, the victim of the water sculpture next to it.  I'm sure its a blessing in the summer.

Manual:  Page 61, Image Quality & Size

Images & Inspirations:  Viggo Mortensen

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Breanna said...

Glad to hear it's warming up! We have rain the next couple days. BLAH!

I love the black & white, but the one with the bird is my favorite. It almost looks like his feet are stuck in the ice.

As for my mushroom shot with the lens cap I was just trying to show the size of the mushroom. I agree with you though, it would have been better w/o it.