Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 138: The Corner of Hope & Peace

I'm a little quirky, I admit it.  I like cemeteries.  LOVE THEM.  I thought I was the only one until I met a second person who likes them just as much.  Its really quite funny, because I wouldn't be caught dead in one.  Seriously, I don't want anyone to waste precious ground to bury me, I'd rather go in a garden flower bed and fertilize something beautiful that sit in a place that doesn't get visited very often except by quirky photographers and the few people who still remember me.

It was an amazing day today and I wasn't far away from this treasure trove of inspiration. Every time I come into this cemetery I fall in love with the street signs, most don't even name the road(s) in the cemeteries, but this is a historical site, maybe that has something to do with it.  There are tons of Civil War Veterans, I've even found one from the War of 1812.  There is a section just for Union soldiers and several for Confederates.  This is Texas after all.  There are more streets, too many for one post - There is Friendship, Liberty, Justice to name a few.  I love the Corner of Truth & Justice, but for some reason I didn't take that picture today.  I wonder, which corner would you choose?


Yolanda said...

I choose hope and peace! Love the first shot - what a great perspective and composition to capture the sign with the cemetery behind. Nicely done! I love cemeteries too - especially the old ones with the ancient looking head stones.

natty. said...

I love cemeteries too! I did an engagement photo shoot at a cemetery last month, and the shots came out great. Cemeteries are cool.

Breanna said...

I love the first shot! While driving to Idaho last week my sister and I saw a lot of cemeteries, which reminds us of our Mom. She does a lot of genealogy. I'm always telling her to leave the poor dead people alone! LOL
I don't think I'm brave enough to go into any cemetery! I will enjoy the beauty through you!

Katherine said...

I like cemeteries too. I'd love to live by one. Nice and quiet and all that bird life and space and trees. And (almost) guaranteed no chance of them turning it into a housing development.