Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 160: Empty

I drive by this everyday.  EVERYDAY.  It used to be a car lot that well, is no more.  I wish something, anything would move in or someone would tear it down or something.  I drove by it this evening on the way to school and pulled over into the left turn lane (trust me no one was going in there), rolled down the window and snapped a shot.


Beaneyman said...

Great shot love the symetry created by the street lights

James Berghout said...

When I see empty places like this, I feel the same way. It seems like such a waist to have vacant buildings and lots, when you see new places being built on converted farm land etc.

Nice shot.

Yolanda said...

Funny. I just went on a rant today about empty and wasted spaces. It is a shame, and it's a growing trend - I call it the "donut hole" - as things empty out, the building and development moves further to the outskirts, and eventually creating an even bigger donut hole. Seems like a waste of resources. Your photo says it all.