Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 42: Light the Night

Today I was overwhelmed by a fellow 365'er who said my photos were poetic on her blog post today. Thank you Marianna - a very talented photographer herself I might add. I have to be honest though, I did feel a little pressure to perform. We had our first snow of the season - something we don't see often in Texas and not this early in the season. I tried all morning to get a shot and nothing & I mean nothing came out right.

After a failed science project, I tried again. I took off with what will now be known as my lucky hat and my tripod. None of these has been edited, which for me make this even better, although I did crop the 2nd photo. I knew when I took the above that it was what would be posted, so I packed up and got out of the cold. I hope you enjoy them. I am very pleased with my first true night extravaganza.

Manual: Page 32, Adjust Viewfinder Focus

Images: My fellow 365'ers. You guys are awesome!


natty. said...

Beautiful lights. And what an amazing compliment!

Kevin said...

Nice shots! I've been thinking of getting some Christmas lights at some point as well. Haven't had the right opportunity yet.

Karen Johnson said...

How did I miss these. Thanks for retweeting or I might not have seen them. These are wonderful! I really like the lights.

David Abbishaw said...

Im jealous! I spent ages on a wet field tryng the same type of shot early one morning before work and didnt manage to capture anyting I was happy with. Although I tried a little flash and I think I scared a few cars into thinking they got caught in a speed trap :)

Dijea said...

David I worked hard and this was my first attempt at something like this in FREEZING cold weather. I did 8 second exposures on this. I'm looking forward to my next attempt.