Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 49: Footbridge

I have plans for this footbridge.  On the right day, with the right stuff - some bracketing and bam an HDR, this day was just not it, but I like this view.

Manual: Page 36 Step 3: Check Camera Settings

Images:  Back to Bryan Peterson & Understanding Exposure.


Ingrid said...

Nice I love the clouds.

Breanna said...

This shot is awesome. As I was looking at your picture before I read your discription I was thinking it would be great in HDR. I've been playing around with HDR for a while, I tend to stick to the more nature look though. How do you like that book you are reading? That's next on my list. Thank you for sharing your photos!


Yolanda said...

A beautiful shot - I was just looking through your blog admiring every one of your shots. I think one of my favorite shots in the blog was the church. Just amazing. I look forward to seeing more of your work and being inspired!

Judy said...

Interesting how this shot has a black and white feel, but that splash of color in the bushes on the right adds an accent to the drama of the bridge. I love footbridges over water.