Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 53: From the rear...

I've decided that 365 days of photos is hard.  Its hard if you have a job, a family, a life of anykind.  I'm enjoying the heck out of it, but its hard.  Today we went to my husband's uncle's home (that's a mouthful) to watch the football game and then have a Hanukkah dinner - today is the 3rd night.  As I hadn't managed to take a photo yet today, I ran around their house snapping anything that looked good.  The only time I didn't have my camera a hawk flew 20' over my head - talk about luck.  Out of the 100+ photos I took the one of the backside of the pansy with the sun through the petals was what I liked the most.  Surprisingly, so did my husband.  I have added the front for your enjoyment as well.  you tell me if I chose the right photo.


Manual & Images:  I'll catch up tomorrow. I promise.


Breanna said...

I like the backside of the flower better!!! Although the way the light is hitting the front is nice too! Hmmm, hard question!!

Judy said...

Really nice. Backlight makes everything better in my opinion.