Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 67: A December Fire... the sky.  It was such an amazingly clear sky this afternoon.  So I took off to see if I couldn't get some backlit silhouettes.  To my surprise I got some clouds that showed up at the last minute and looked like they were on fire.  You guys know my penchant for unedited photos.  The bottom one is completely untouched.  The top one just a little clarity.  With a little Civil Twilight playing in my ears, waiting for civil twilight to occur I let my mind clear and captured these.  I have 153 more if you need one.

Manual:  Page 56, Focus Point Selection

Images & Inspirations: Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson


Yolanda said...

Beautiful captures with dramatic sky! I especially like the first one. I can almost feel the cold breeze :)

David Abbishaw said...
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David Abbishaw said...

I just love silhouettes in images like this, and I keep seeing them from the back garden and never do record them.

I think this has inspired me to take that picture next time I see it.