Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 48: Decisions, Decisions

It was a hard decision today to choose a photo, my husband and I didn't agree on which one to choose. So I posted both, maybe you'll tell me which one you like better and why.

Manual: Page 36: Step 3: Check Camera Settings

Images: A wonderful fun photographer with a great eye who does family & wedding portraits. Ashley Truckey.


Valena said...

I can't decide! I like both

Yolanda said...

I love the dramatic colors in the first shot - a gorgeous scene. However, the second shot has the quiet silhouette - the people on the bench, with the sunset behind. It tells a story of serenity and peace; which is why I like number 2. They are both very beautiful!

Dijea said...

I love the 2nd shot too, the clouds are not as good but my two kids on that bench made it for me. Unfortunately the story is more forcing them to sit there for the picture than them sitting and enjoying the sunset. But sometimes a picture doesn't always tell the correct story does it?

David Abbishaw said...

Doh, tricky I like both, but the children on the bench help tell a story.

Ashley said...

Dijea - Wow, thanks for the plug! I really appreciate your comment about me. :)

I really like your work - you have a gift for taking pictures of nature. I definitely don't have the patience or the eye for it. Great work!