Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 102: Foggy Morning

The weather called for freezing fog this morning.  Its an odd forecast, but when I left the house this morning to drop off the kids at school & head off to school myself I made sure I packed the camera.  I took off to my favorite picture taking spot - White Rock Lake and took a few shots. Grey and dreary, but a beautiful site to behold.  A side note:  If you remember my shot from yesterday the Filter Building sign - that is the Filter Building in the background with the smoke stack. 


natty. said...

What a stunning black and white shot!

Karen Johnson said...


esskayemm said...


David Abbishaw said...

Absolutly beautiful, I think this could be the making of a fantastic style for you.

Im really enjoying the symetry between the sky and the water and hint of reflection, except in the chminey thats leaps out at me.

I vote you try this technique again, and I cant wait to see the result.

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