Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 108: Experiment(s)

Well, somedays we just have to try something different.  I'm not done with this type of experiment either.  I put my camera on the gorilla pod, and put it on my dashboard and went driving.  A 5 second exposure netting me this - after a little Lightroom.  Its not exactly what I wanted, but not exactly a wash either.  I think in the near future some long exposures or a movement photo series is in the works.

Images:  Jose Goncalvas - OMG have you looked at his portfolio? Unbelievable.


Yolanda said...

I have been dying to do long exposures - especially at night. I like your idea here of driving with the shutter open. It turned out to be a cool motion effect!

Beaneyman said...

Cool, another technique on my hit list to try !

David Abbishaw said...

Well captured, its quite hard to keep everything fairly flat whilst driving.

I tried this a while back and was really un happy with the resuts.

Funny thing was Ive been planning some light trails of my own and was only thinking about it this morning just before I saw this.

Definatly inspired to get out and try again.