Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 103: What do you see?

I struggled for inspiration today on my photo.  I worked all day on my New Media class project - OH MY, what a struggle.  So my creative juices were not exactly flowing, they were drained.  Trying to come up with something before the season premier of LOST - well, that seemed impossible.  Surprise it was starting right up at me.  What do you see.

I see the first letter in my name.  Its from a painting I had done in San Francisco more than a decade ago. D is for Dijea.  Ultimately, today, its all about ME.


Brian Palmer Photography said...

I see a fish jumping upstream. Fun stuff!

Karen Johnson said...

Brian and I were thinking alike! LOL. Actually though I thought the fish was being speared.

credd said...

somedays...it needs to be all about you. i don't do it often enough.

Yolanda said...

Gorgeous movement in your strokes! Very zen-like!

Judy said...

What! Another "all about me" day!

David Abbishaw said...

I see a pen to the left and the beak of a Toucan to the right.

What was you inspiration when you painted this?

On a side not San Francisco is probably my favourite American city, I spent a fantastic week there a few years ago, we walked everywhere and soaked as much of the city up as possible, its probably the only major city I would want to live in.

This is the sort of painting I would have hanging in my house, so I hope you have it on display and not in storage.

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