Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 112: Snow Day

Thursday morning, a transformer blew in my neighborhood and left me and my boys without power.  I went up to the school to warm up before the kids got out of school and found the school to be without power too.  So I got the kids out of class an hour early and we went to the park.  While this picture looks beautiful and white - we had at least 6 more inches fall before it was over and pretty much a foot of snow.  White powdery fluffy snow.  The fun kind - we don't get that in Texas very often.

This was seriously taken less than 24 hours after the last picture.  Unbelievable.



Breanna said...

WOW! And to think I was in shorts and a tank top working in the yard today! Crazy! Awesome snow pictures! I love the one in your neighbors backyard.

credd said...

these are wonderful!!!