Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 115: School Project

I'm working on a school project that has just drained my creativity.  I must compose an image of at least 5 layers regarding Transportation using my own images/drawings & use line, shape & space.  Talk about BLOCKED.  I'm a photographer, not some artist who's going to layer images for something different.  Well, while running around in the car today to come up with Transportation stuff, I took this.  Not really exciting, but nice and clear.  Maybe I should do a series of what I see in my rearview mirror.

I am off to read my manual now.  I am having so much fun with my classmates photos in my Photography based Multi-Media class.  So I am still looking at my images, even if I'm not always posting.  And if you have any ideas on this Transportation thing - feel free to pass them on.


Judy said...

You might want to change the angle of the rear view mirror to come up with more of an eye-level shot. Suspect you will get better content that way.

David Abbishaw said...

Love it, Im always inspired by mirror shots.