Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 104: really is my name.

See it really is my name.  One thing I want to clarify - I didn't paint this.  There was a street artist in SF that did it when I went with my parents in 1993.   My husband and I went to SF on our honeymoon in 1995 and found the artist's brother who did one for my husband.  I love my name and how each letter is its own separate painting.  My husband and I have them nicely framed and on the wall of our bedroom.


texasholly said...

I have one of those from a trip to Hawaii many years is BEAUTIFUL! So fun.

Dijea said...

Holly - The guy who did mine moved to Hawaii - maybe its the same guy?!?!

Katherine said...

It's quite intriguing! Surely there aren't two people who do the same thing? What a coincidence!

And for another coincidence, my word verification is 'artag'.

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